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My Story

I was born and raised in Helmbrechts, Germany, where I decided at a very young age that one day I'll be in Hollywood making movies. Well here I am! After completing my BA in Psychology and Theatre in Albion, MI, I decided to move out to Los Angeles and throw myself into this crazy thing we call "entertainment industry." I received a MFA in Film Production from NYFA and then continued working in Los Angeles in production, as an actress and model as well as a makeup artist. I love standing in front of the camera and that will always be my first love, but working on a project as a producer or MUA and collaborating with other creative minds is part of me as well. If you are interested in checking out my makeup work, head over to Makeup by Tatjana.

As for my acting and modeling, I love being challenged and pushed to new heights. I have a background in martial arts, played rugby, rode horses and competed on the swim team and in tennis. Some people call me a "girly tomboy" - sure I'll play the ditzy blonde in cute outfits, but I'd rather kick some butt as an action hero (or villain)!

Our Story